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I am an Elementary School Teacher for students that require Special Education due to disabilities. I have been teaching for 3 years now, I am about to enter my fourth year of teaching in August. I live and work on the Navajo Nation Reservation in Northeastern Arizona. I am single, and love to read. I got my teaching certification in Texas as an English, Language Arts, READING teacher for Grades 4-8. When I moved to Arizona, I became Elementary certified to teach K-8. With my ESS Certification, my second year of teaching I went to 2nd and 3rd grades, and last year had Kindergarten and 1st grades. I do not know what grades I will be teaching this next school year, but whatever it is, reading is a passion of mine so will be continuing to work with Bloggin' with M. Brennan on the review crew. I need a t-shirt that says, 'Reading is Breathing' because if I could not read for pleasure, I would go nuts.

Reviewer/ Editor
Jennifer Ware 
Well I'm boring, I'm from Branson Missouri. I'm almost 26 lol have an almost 5 year old little boy, work a full time job as an admin assistant. I've been with my hubby since high school. I've always loved to read, it's a huge passion of mine.

Hello my name is Terrin aka (Terra James) 
I'm a married, mother of two special needs children. I'm an advocate for autism because my daughter is autistic. I love to read, write, blog, swim, and make book covers and teasers. I run Book of the day blog with one of my PA's Sarah Banks. I help Jamie Sexton my PA run Haters gonna hate book blog. 
I'm currently working on my 2nd book in the Immortal Series. I'm also writing a dystopian /apocalyptic series, Chaotic Evolution: Inception. 
My first book is young adult fantasy /paranormal. I released my drama/literature/short story Speaking Emotions on June 27th.

Roxanne johnson-bisland
I am a mom of 4 crazy busy kids, they are my world. I've been married to my hubby for 15 years in November. On top of the kids I have a full time job working for my Tribes locally owned Telephone & Internet company. I read ever chance I get, I love making crafts, cooking, beading, & anything with my family. We tent camp at least 2 times a year and one of them we spend a week crabbing. Awesome family time.

    cally boyd
    Hiya I am Cally and originally from the channel islands but now living in Northern Ireland like Leigh Stone. I live in a small village. I am a stay home mummy to a 10 year old daughter and 7 year old son who are my world. I have been with my man for 12 years after a chance meeting in a Ibiza coffee shop he was on a boys holiday and I was on a girls. We did long distance before he moved over 6 weeks before I gave birth to our daughter. I love reading and tattoos, I have thought about the next 2 tattoos I want which wiĺl take me to 8 in total.

    I absolutely love Romeo and Juliet. I can read most genre's of books though the only ones I can't read is children getting abused or neglected. Books are my escape from reality and have always been a fast and strong reader.

    I am football/soccer mad and a huge Manchester United fan.

    Crystal bell
    I've been married to hubs for 21 yrs. I'm a hockey, soccer mom. My family likes going on road trips, camping. I've been a reader since I was a child and it;s followed me to adulthood. I love getting lost in a novel and relax for a bit.

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