Saturday, April 8, 2017

Review of "That Old Black Magic" by Laurie C. Kuna

While I enjoyed Some Practical Magic, the first book of this series pretty well, I LOVED this one. As I
read, I realized more and more I had some pre-conceived notions about how things were after reading
the first book. I wondered what Endora was thinking on so deeply but we never found out about. In this
one, we find out that and much more in spades. We meet Morion, Mav, and a lovable fur-buddy of
Morion's, Glenna. I love the witchy references to names in this book as we meet more people. We do
get to see a bit of what happened with Mick and Cassie in this book and a nice little time lapse that
jumps us forward a bit. It was really wonderful to me, to read what Endora endured and what happened
that caused all that. It also made me righteously indignant towards others in the book who shall not be
named because of their role in all this. You're going to have to read to see what happened and what is
 happening. The last chapters of the book, from Chapter 12 on had me laughing, hard. Enjoy the book! 

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