Tuesday, August 8, 2017

NEW RELEASE: Benediction by Kelly Moran

It's here! Benediction is LIVE!

Hello Reader Friends,

I'm so excited to bring you my new release BENEDICTION. This is the second time I've worked with a model or studio for a cover, and I'm ecstatic with the results. The model is Baretta Vincent and the photographer is Shauna from Kruse Images & Photography. This book has a cowboy theme and takes place in a western ranch setting in Wyoming. It's available in paperback and eBook at a great price. Details are below, so one-click today! Yay! xo

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As a child, Nakos Hunt left behind the familiarity of his Native American Arapaho tribe for time on Cattenach Ranch. Now the foreman, he's happily settled into his life, but the girl who befriended him all those years ago suddenly has him twisted inside out. He craves stability and purpose, and Amy Woods is anything but a calming presence. Though she's unbelievably gorgeous and about the only person who can drag a laugh from him, he's never been able to understand her. Then a moment changes everything, and an urgent need to protect her rises inside him. And doesn't let go. So does an aching desire and a bond he can't seem to control, no matter how hard he fights the need.

She's no one's version of ever-after...

Amy's not a stranger to disappointment. She's spent the majority of her life pulling up her bootstraps and flipping Karma the bird. Once, she may have dreamed of things like happiness and love, but those were for other people. Nakos has never been someone she deserves, yet the attraction between her and the meticulous sexy-as-sin cowboy is undeniable. And too tempting to ignore. Not only is he strong, patient, and respectful, he's showing her a kind of romantic passion she didn't think existed. But the secret she's keeping could shatter their perfect bubble, and when an old nightmare comes crawling back from the past, she realizes losing Nakos will be the one thing she can't recover from.

And check out REDEMPTION, the prequel to BENEDICTION. Don't worry, they're both stand-alones. Reviewers are going nuts over it! CLICK THE PICTURE for deets!



Best Always,

Kelly Moran

Kelly's been known to say that she gets her ideas from everyone and everything around her and there's always a book playing out in her head. No one who knows her bats an eyelash when she talks to herself.
Kelly is a Readers Choice Finalist, Catherine Award-Winner, Holt Medallion Finalist, and earned one of the 10 Best Reads by USA TODAY's HEA. She is a proud Romance Writers of America member. 

Kelly's interests include: sappy movies, MLB, NFL, driving others insane, and sleeping when she can. She is a closet caffeine junkie and chocoholic, but don't tell anyone. She resides in Wisconsin with her husband, three sons, and her hound dog. Most of her family lives in the Carolinas, so she spends a lot of time there as well.

I am so glad that we got to focus more on Amy in this second book of the series. I loved seeing more
about Olivia and Nate, really getting to know Amy and what lead up to her husband's assult was
interesting. Watching her deepest, darkest fears and insecurities come out was just incredible. My heart
broke a number of times for Amy in this book. What do Nate, Olivia, and Nakos do, including all the
ranch hands and Mae when Amy's deepest, darkest fears come to light? What does Nate end up having
to do as a deputy in the town I love Amy's brother Kyle and what he says to their parents that causes
him to get disowned. I didn't like the fact that they disowned him, but that he told them something that
made him a pariah in the house along with Amy. I really hope that there is another book in this series
and that it focuses on Kyle next. I'm not going to tell you what demons come out or even hint at them,
as I want you to read this book. Just know I wept with joy at how Amy's friends stood with her. Read
and see!                                                                                                                             

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